What to expect AFTER  Synchro Alignment™ SESSION? 

After this session,  you may experience unusual body sensations or feel warm or very cold. DO not be concerned; these are subtle but healing adjustments occurring in your energy field. Drink plenty of clear, clean water as water helps to facilitate this process.

Synchro Alignment™

Is a guided meditation, or RELAXATION exercise, unique to Interior Alignment® that Jessica will  use to synchronize and align a person’s energy and intention with their home. This is a safe environment where client is able to explore space on energetic level.

 Client typically benefit from individual session, although, multiple sessions might be recommended. 

How do I prepare for a SYNCHRO ALIGNMENT™ SESSION? 

  • Drank plenty of fresh, clean water day prior to session . Take a moment to infuse the water with intention: holding hands in prayer position~ calmly taking big deep breath from heart center, letting all cares and worries drift away... Focus your attention on something specific you want to infuse the water with.... 'love, healing, abundance, etc'  then place hands over water source.... NOW ENJOY! 


The session will take place by phone at the comfort of the client. It is suggested that you are in an area where you able to relax: either sitting or laying down is preferred and free of outside distractions (children/work/spouse/noises, etc) 

Typical session is roughly 20-30 mins, varying between client